Welcome to the Bohemian Glass Collector. There is plenty to look at, so take your time and enjoy. Please feel free to comment and/or ask questions. I might not know the answer, but I will help you find it.

Initially the focus of my collecting was glass produced by Kralik, Loetz, Rindskopf, Pallme-Konig and Beyermann but as my knowledge and awareness of others producers expanded, so did my collection. I soon began looking for examples of Beranek, Harrach,Goldberg, Welz, Lobmeyr, Dugan and Ruckl. I am sure it won't stop there!
The motivation behind this blog is to create a pictorial reference for collectors and to share information and links to reputable sites.

The knowledge needed to collect quality art glass can be overwhelming, which can become somewhat blurred by the number of misattributions and misleading information perpetrated by sellers from all venues. Much of this information is due to lazy research or greed. Not every piece of glass on the market is Loetz!

I started collecting art glass about seven years ago. Prior to collecting glass, I collected Van Briggle pottery. I still maintain a Van Briggle collection and a blog Van Briggle Pottery

Like Van Briggle pottery, it is the stylized shapes, the rich colours and the textures of art glass that had me doing double takes whenever I attended antique shows and flea markets. Aside from the beautiful shapes, colours and textures, what intrigues me is that something so fragile has managed to survive the activities of daily living in the homes in which they were treasured for the last 80-plus years. One can only imagine that stories that each piece could tell.

All pieces shown here are from my collection, and to the best of my knowledge all attributions are accurate.

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